Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stefani made a trip to the Olds Santa Claus Parade. We visited the Santa Claus parade last night. I think M put it best when he said, "for a small town, they really do go ALL out." All of the town folk, young and old, were lined up along Main Street, bundled in snowsuits and boots and scarves and mitts, to watch the spectacle. There was a fire truck and a tractor and a combine, all decorated in colourful lights and tinsel. There were little horses and big horses and sheep and Grizzlies (the local hockey team, not bears). After the parade we ate hot dogs and visited reindeer in the park. Then we walked to the Cow Palace, arriving just in the 'Nick' of time to witness Santa and Mrs. Claus being delivered by a donkey driven cart to a LONG line up of patiently (for the most part) waiting children. It was a hoot.

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