Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stefani made a trip to school. I had a junior high substitute teaching assignment yesterday. Gym class (really), social (the grade eights are learning about the Renaissance and the grade sevens are learning about fur traders), science (again, really) and photography. It was a very informative day. I learned that when teachers book computer labs for their students, so that they can work on editing their photographs, they do NOT edit their photographs. They play violent video games instead. For two whole periods. Heck. Thank goodness for baked pasta. When M. picked me up after school he suggested that we stop for dinner in town. Perfect. I drowned my sorrows in feta cheese (I ordered the Greek lasagna) and M. let me vent about my day. But then after almost an hour of complaining he told me that I had to stop. Our drive home was nice and quiet. I sat back and enjoyed the stunning, snow-covered prairie view. Lately, I really do feel like we live in the North Pole.

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