Friday, January 25, 2013

Stefani makes a yellow day. A cheerful, yellow day. Why so cheerful you ask? 1. I have been experimenting with necklace making and I am really liking the results. 2. I had one heck of a good teaching experience yesterday. If I do say so myself. My assignment was in the 'VERY bad' class NEXT DOOR to M.'s room. (!) I think all of the teachers and students (AND M.) were expecting me to have a miserable time. But, I didn't have a miserable time. I had a great time! I sort of like that 'VERY bad' class. I think that they are a very interesting, misunderstood group of kids. 3. Daffodils. 4. I've saved the most cheerful news for last. My little sister received her very first university acceptance yesterday. An early acceptance! I am so very proud of her. That girl is going to go places! I think this news calls for some celebratory lemon squares...

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