Monday, February 18, 2013

Stefani made a trip to the mountains. M. and I were back in Banff this past weekend. While M. climbed Mt. Sulphur (TWO climbs this weekend!) I did some shopping (tea + new mittens), people watched (Family Day Weekend makes for some VERY interesting people watching) and enjoyed a blueberry pancake breakfast, alone, on Mt. Rundle. Ok, I didn't really eat blueberry pancakes on Mt. Rundle. But I did eat blueberry pancakes in a fabulous restaurant with an absolutely STUNNING view of Mt. Rundle. This weekend we tried out a new hotel, The Juniper, which is located on the Norquay side of the Trans Canada Highway. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone planning to stay in Banff. It is surrounded by big trees (junipers?!), has clean and comfortable accommodations, has a great restaurant and is NOT in the hustle and bustle that is Family Day Weekend in Banff.

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