Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stefani makes teacher days. Teacher days = Early mornings. Drives through fog. Ian Tyson singing in the car. Still. Singing O Canada. Spelling. Morning recess supervision. Math. Subtraction. Consoling crying students. Not because of math. Just because. This week I have learned that boys in grade three are extremely emotional. Extremely. Emotional. Lunch time. First mine. A quiet lunch in an empty classroom while the kids 'recess.' Then they come back and eat their lunch while I supervise. Microwave line ups. Really. Students microwave their lunches in Alberta. Really. Then we spray and wipe down their desks. Really. Science. Today we conducted our second 'pitch' experiment of the week. Creating high and low pitches by filling beakers with different amounts of water and blowing into them or tapping them with a nail. Very exciting. Afternoon recess supervision. Breaking up soccer game quarrels. That's right, I showed those grade fives who is boss. Social studies. The grade threes are learning about Ukraine. This week we've read about 'going to church in Ukraine' and 'traditional fashion of Ukraine.' Did you know that traditionally, men wore baggy pants so that dancing was easier? Amazing. Writing notes on the Active Board for the grade threes. Finally...I think I have mastered the Active Board! Writing in our agendas. Dismissal!!! A long drive home with M. and Ian Tyson.

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